Our SUrgeons

All of the surgeons practising at AOC are vocationally registered in Orthopaedic Surgery with the New Zealand Medical Council. They are also full members of the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association.  It is a requirement that they regularly maintain and update their skills.  They all attend a variety of professional meetings each year to fulfill this requirement and are also involved in training  Orthopaedic registrars' on the specialist training programme run by the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association (on behalf of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons).  They participate in the required Continuing Professional Development programme run by the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association and regularly undertake individual and peer audits of their respective practices.



Interests in : Hip and Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy of the Knee, Sports Injuries, Spinal Surgery


Tim grew up in Tauranga. After he finished high school he headed off to the cold climes of Dunedin to begin his medical training.  He spent his first three years in Dunedin then moved to the Christchurch Medical School for the next three years. Tim qualified from Otago Medical School in 1986.  He then worked for 2 years as a House Officer at Tauranga Hospital and then did the BIG OE in England where he discovered the joys of working 120 hour weeks!  Tim and his wife, Julie, travelled for 6 months around the Middle East and Europe before heading home to begin his Orthopaedic Surgical training.  

He spent a couple of years in Christchurch then 2 years in Hamilton before returning to Christchurch for his final training year as a Senior Registrar.  He successfully sat the final fellowship examination in 1996 gaining a FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons).  With his 2 year old daughter, Jessica, and patient loving wife, Julie, he headed "across the ditch" to sunny Adelaide to do a 1 year post Fellowship position in Spinal Surgery at the Royal Adelaide hospital.  Having completed this and avoiding any serious contact with the various toxic and deadly wildlife of Australia, he then came back to New Zealand to take up his first consultant position at Masterton Hospital with an extra member in the family, Sam (an Australian!).

Although challenging (soon after he arrived in Masterton he became the sole Orthopaedic Surgeon for nearly two years) he enjoyed the rural atmosphere and friendly nature of the Wairarapa and  the final addition to the Love family, Joshua, arrived in 1998. The big lights of Palmerston North beckoned and he was invited to join the existing group of surgeons, moving to Palmerston North in 2000 where he continues to practice to the current day.

Apart from general Orthopaedics he has interests in Knee and Hip Joint replacement and a sub specialty interest in Spinal Surgey.  He works as a visiting Orthopaedic Surgeon to Mid Central Health as well as running his private orthopaedic business at Amesbury Orthopaedic Centre trading as the Love Othopaedic Trust.

His other interests include landscaping, restoring old furniture, gardening, Jazz dance, singing and digital technology.  He is an avid reader of Sci Fi and enjoys snow skiing (when he can find time), tramping, yachting, wine and boutique beer!

Gert Starker

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Interests in: Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacement, Arthroscopic Surgery of the Shoulder, Knee, Wrist and Ankle, and General Orthopaedic Surgery


He was born and raised in sunny South Africa and completed his basic medical training at the University of Stellenbosch. He worked and studied in various hospitals during his formative years. This included the large tertiary hospital at Tygerberg in Bellville, Cape Town and smaller rural hospital of Worcester in the Western Cape province of South Africa. He then embarked upon the study of Orthopaedic surgery at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa with its attached academic hospitals of Universitas and Pelenomi.

After gaining the Magister of Medicine in orthopaedics (Mmed (orth)) which qualifies him to practice as an orthopaedic surgeon, he stayed on to spend some extra time learning about joint replacements and orthopaedics in children. He then went to Potchefstroom in the North West province where he worked for 9 years, dividing his time roughly equally between his private practice and working in the public hospital. During this time he had the opportunity to develop an interest in arthroscopic surgery.

In 2007 he developed itchy feet and migrated to Palmerston North with his wife and 3 children to continue working in lovely peaceful New Zealand. He now thinks of himself as the founding father of the New Zealand branch of the family. Just like his great-great grandfather emigrated from East Europe to South Africa.

His work interests include arthroscopic procedures of the knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist. He does primary joint replacements of the knee, hip and shoulder. He is interested in orthopaedic problems of the hand but is careful not to describe himself as a hand surgeon.  If there is a need, he will liaise with hand surgical specialists.

In New Zealand he learned the joys of fly fishing and loves exploring as many beautiful rivers as time allows.


David Brougham

Interests in: Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacement, Shoulder Surgery, Knee Surgery, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Foot and Ankle Surgery, and General Orthopaedic Surgery

img002_copy_8.jpgHi, I am David Brougham  I am a born and bred Palmy boy, who believes we have one of the best kept secrets in New Zealand.  Our centrality as a city gives us the freedom to travel widely within relatively short periods of time.

 I graduated FRACS (Orth) in 1986.  I then spent 9 months working at The Royal Childrens’ Hospital in Melbourne followed by 15 months at The Nuffield Hospital in Oxford.  I commenced a mixed Public / Private practice in Palmerston North in 1989.  The nature of Orthopaedic practice in Palmerston North is a general one covering most aspects of Orthopaedics..  Within this, I have a subspecialist interest in Paediatric Orthopaedics  (Orthopaedics of Childhood).  In addition I have a keen interest in Knee surgery ; Shoulder surgery ; Foot and Ankle surgery and Joint Replacement surgery.

 I am married to Julie, my best friend.  We have 2 special children – Katrina and Nicholas.  Julie is a nationally ranked Dressage rider and judge meaning my spare time is mostly taken up helping her with her horses.  I have always had a keen interest in most sports which probably sparked my interest in Orthopaedics.

 I am proud of the Orthopaedic service we provide to the people of the Manawatu and Central NZ.  One of my goals is to maintain and enhance that by introducing new young Orthopaedic surgeons to our group as public hospital resources allow.



geoff anderson


Interests in: Hip, Knee and Shoulder Joint Replacement, Knee and Hip Joint Revision, Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee, and General Orthopaedic Surgery


Geoff Anderson was born in Dublin Ireland but grew up in England. He graduated from the University of Birmingham Medical School in 1982. He completed his post graduate training in the UK, mainly in Leicester, passing the United Kingdom's Intercolleagiate Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery in 1994. Geoff was then appointed as a Consultant Surgeon to the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust where he worked from 1995 until 2003 and during that period he developed an interest in reconstructive surgery for patients with failing joint replacements.

By 2003 Geoff was disillusioned with lifestyle in the UK in general and particularly with working practices within the NHS and was seeking a change. In response to an advertisement in the British Medical Journal Geoff visited the Palmerston North Orthopaedic Group and was appointed as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon initially at the Public Hospital before joining the Amesbury Orthopaedic Group two years later in 2005. He continues to practice in both the Public and Private sectors.

He has maintained his interest in adult joint replacement surgery and particularly in revision of failing joint replacements alongside a general adult orthopaedic practice.

Geoff is very happily married with two daughters and his only major regret is that he really should have moved to Palmerston North years earlier.


chris williams




Interests in: Arthroscopic and Joint Replacement Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Sports & Arthroscopic Surgery, Hip and Knee Joint Replacements


Murali was born on the sunny and sandy shores of the Fiji Islands and emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand as a 9 year old.

 He completed his high school education at Auckland Grammar School in 1995 and completed his medical training at the University of Auckland Medical School in 2001. He went onto gain his Fellowship in Orthopaedics under the auspices of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and New Zealand Orthopaedic Association in 2011. Thereafter, his family and he embarked on subspecialty orthopaedic fellowship training in all aspects of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, under the mentorship of Prof. David Sonnabend and Dr. Jeffery Hughes. He returned to a consultant post for a 6 month period in 2013 to Palmerston North, at the public hospital in Midcentral Health. The warmth of people’s hearts in the Manawatu, coupled with the excellent collegiality of the established orthopaedic department persuaded them to return permanently. After completing a second further fellowship in Shoulder and Sports surgery at the reputable Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic and the Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre in London, Ontario, Canada, Murali and his family returned to Palmerston North to take up his public hospital appointment in 2014.

His subspecialty interests are focused on all aspects of shoulder and elbow surgery, especially arthroscopic (key-hole) surgery and joint replacements. Additionally, knee and sports surgery, and hip and knee replacements form the bulk of his current practice interests.

Murali is passionate about the training of trainee orthopaedic surgeons, and is currently the intern and registrar supervisor for orthopaedics at Midcentral Health. Additionally, he believes that Palmerston North is ideally placed to become a leading light in orthopaedic research. He has established academic relationships with Massey University and has current research projects in conjunction with the departments of Mechatronics and Microbiology.

He, his wife Prash, and daughter Surya are proud to call Palmerston North their home. They look forward to extending their family in the near future, here in the Manawatu!

Murali is the first of the next wave of Palmerston North orthopaedic surgeons, keen on contributing to the orthopaedic well-being of the people of our community.








Interest in: Hip and Knee Replacement, Hip and Knee Joint Revision, Arthroscopy of the Knee, Sports Injuries, General Orthopaedic Surgery 


Peter was born in Liverpool, England. Immigrated to Hamburg, Germany with his family at age 4 and completed his primary and high school education there.  He served eighteen years in the German Army as a medical officer.  During this time, he studied Medicine in Berlin, Germany at the world renowned Humboldt University (founded 1810) /Charité Hospital Campus (founded 1710) and graduated in 1999.


After graduation from medical school and still serving the military, he pursued his interests to become an internationally trained surgeon.  The military sent him back home to Hamburg, Germany where he began his surgical training.  Next, he was stationed at the German Army Hospital in Ulm, then served six months in Landstuhl, Germany at the US Military Hospital and cared for injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan.  To complete his specialist training in Orthopaedics and Trauma, he left the military to work and train at the Kaiserslautern Westfaltz Hospital, one of the largest Orthopaedic/Trauma Centers in Germany. It was there, in 2011, that he garnered his certification as ‘Specialist for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery’.


In 2012, in an effort to focus on his subspecialty interests, Peter applied for and was selected for a fellowship in Hip and Knee Surgery at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital in the UK (3rd largest joint replacement facility in the UK).  In 2013, he was awarded his FRCS and was selected for a subsequent fellowship in Hip and Knee Surgery.  After the fellowships at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, he continued to work there as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.  


Then in 2015, the call with an opportunity of a lifetime came!  In response to the call, Peter with his wife, Kari and his sons, Brendan and Joshua moved from the UK to the ‘best kept secret’ of NZ - Palmy!   After two and a half years in the public hospital, Peter looks forward to continue providing great service to the Manawatu community through joining the Aorangi Orthopaedic Centre team. 


His personal interest include daily/rigorous workouts, outdoors hunting and fishing, reading, painting, cooking, wine tasting and most of all spending time with his beloved family